Baba Sehgal is the gift that just keeps on giving! His songs are all about the kind of middle class problems that keep the rest of us up at night – dieting, the gym, WiFi issues and the difficulty of finding good domestic help. In his latest video for Tata CLiQ’s Festober sales, the Baba of Cool parodies the viral hit Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song and the lyrics are so Bollywood that it got us thinking, what if the song was actually made in Bollywood? This is what we'd expect: I have festival I have October Matlab FESTOBER

money money honey honey

money money baba sehgal

I have my money I have my honey For FESTOBER Money money honey honey FES TOBER IN OCTOBER

bore ho rahi ho u wanna kick

kick baba sehgal

baby go go go go to Tata cliq

look look sexy don't look sick

dont look sick baba sehgal  

le lo online taxi shop on Tata click

buy your ghagra choli & impress ur piya

impress piya ghagra baba sehgal  

then play play play together dandiya

dandiya dance baba sehgal  

money money honey honey FES TOBER IN OCTOBER

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