Inspiration can be found in the most random places if you look right. Well, we found some fitness inspiration right within some Baba Sehgal videos that’ll kick-start your journey towards a healthier, fitter, you! Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following videos and we’ll convince you why each of these music videos are motivational AF.

Going to the Gym

Baby are you going to the gym,

going to the gym

going to the gym

then go to the gym

A motivational workout video like no other, Baba Sehgal sings the familiar woes of taking the first important steps of losing weight and gaining muscle. There are temptations all around us like mom’s rajma chawal with desi ghee and cheese wala pizza but you gotta be determined to go to the gym kyunki dikhna hai slim.

Dieting Kar Le

Arre pet cover kar liya hai chunni se

It’s looking odd

Kamar thi 26, ab hai 32


Dieting gori tu karle karle

If you want to lose weight, 70% depends on your diet. Keep track of your macros and calories, and you can be assured that your weight scale will be less scared of you with every passing day.

Vitamin D

Go go go go go go outside

Kholo apni eyes wide

Sun bole lelo Vitamin D ki ride

Vitamin D ki ride

Take the advice of Dr. Baba Sehgal (he’s definitely got a PhD in fitspiration). The benefits of Vitamin D cannot be overstated. This prohormone is essential for bone maintenance, regulation of calcium and phosphorus absorption and helps prevent diseases such as cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. The best sources are the sun, your diet and supplementation. So lelo Vitamin D ki ride

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Please Don’t Fart

Baj gayi bell, aa gayi smell

who farted actually u can tell

le lo le lo le lo uska case

tell him tell him tell him on his face

If you’re prone to excessive flatulence, look closely at your diet. Foods likely to cause gassiness include starchy foods like potatoes and pasta, milk and dairy products, artificial sweeteners, fruits like bananas, peaches and pears. Beans and lentils are also likely to cause gas and lead to farting. Control your intake or eliminate these foods to avoid embarrassment. Please don’t fart. This is a public service announcement.

Chicken Fried Rice

Tension mat lena issmein protein bhi hai,

har nukkad, galli,

city mein, ladies ki kitty mein,

chicken fried rice.
You can’t eat clean for a stretch without going nuts. Every now and then, treat yo self (preferably after a heavy workout) with a cheat meal. A meal like chicken fried rice is perfect with an ample quantity of protein to feed your muscles.

Why am I so sexy?

Sheesha rakho saamne,

Aur dekho apne aap ko,

Smile karke puchh lo,

Apni darling ke baap ko,

Why am I so sexy?

If you’ve been dedicated and followed a strict training program with a diet in place, you’ll end up with an amazing body. If not, it’ll be something close and oodles of confidence. Admirers will surround you and ask you questions like, how did you it bruh, why are you so sexy? Tell them it’s the result of hard work, dedication, and Baba Sehgal music videos. The troika of champions!



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