Browsing the deep dark depths of the interweb for inspiration, one cannot but overlook these bizarre trends doing the rounds on international sites. What even is a guitar strap bag? How do I pull off this puffer jacket with evening wear look? You’ll find yourself getting overwhelmed and often even disheartened at the sheer eccentricity the sartorial realms throw at you sometimes. Worry not, we did all the groundwork for you and decoded these Autumn/ Winter trends so you can flaunt them fearlessly.


The Dilemma: One can end up looking extremely outlandish draped in a fur scarf or donning a fur coat. This isn’t Alaska is it? The Solution: Fur is fun if you restrict it to accessories. A fur clutch; some fuzz on your stilettos or fur pom-poms on your scarf perhaps? 3


The Problem: This is an extremely high maintenance fabric. Also, you can end up looking like upholstery if not done right. The Answer: Restrict it to outfits with panelling or accents rather than a head-to-toe velvet look.  

 80s Power One Shoulder

The Dilemma: The exaggerated one shoulder from the 80s is making a wild comeback. How do you wear it without looking like Rekha from the retro movies? The Solution: Keep it simple. If the focus is on the shoulder, tone down the rest of your look with minimal embellishments and accessories. Pay special attention to your hair. Let it be minimal and elegant rather than puffy and OTT. 2 (1)

 Extra Long Sleeves

The Problem: How on earth does anyone get any work done with sleeves that trail the floor and make your hands inaccessible? The Answer: While this seems highly impractical, we’ve seen this trend on many leading fashionistas. And if they can do it, so can you. Just role-up the sleeves on one hand so you don’t end up looking like Thakur from Sholay. Try and restrict this trend to evening-wear rather than an all-day casual outfit.  

 Monochrome Formal Suit

The Dilemma: How do you wear a formal  suit without looking like you stole it from your dad’s wardrobe? The Solution: Break the suit with feminine jewellery, brooches and other elements like a pop clutch or pumps. Swap the usual white shirt for a ganji or graphic tee. 1

School Girl Jumper

The Problem: Well, for starters, you don’t want to end up looking like a school girl. Most people might find this trend age-inappropriate. The Answer: Have a little fun and wear it fearlessly with stockings and boots. Add a chunky neckpiece or do a bold lip. It’s okay to have a little fun sometimes we think. All images courtesy: WGSN