Whether you are a high-flyer at work or just about to start your first job, looking the part is crucial. Corporate jobs can be tricky when it comes to dress codes, the aim is to hit the right chord between professional and comfortable. To help you navigate your way through the  trenches, we enlisted none other than designer/ sharp dresser Rocky S to suggest the essentials you need in your work wardrobe. Read on and add these to your closet.

Blue Slim Fit Shirt

Weststreet by Westside Blue Solid Shirt
Nobody can go wrong with the basics. This crisp blue shirt is perfect to begin your work week with.

Tailored Blazer and Trousers

Weststreet Navy Slim Fit Blazer
Classic being the key, a pair of well-fitted trousers and sharp blazer are the perfect example to set it right with ease.

Camouflage Tie

Camoflage tie If a classic formal outfit be your choice, pair it with a camouflage tie to quirk it up.

Leather Lace-up Shoes

Pavers England Black Derby Shoes
All your classic look demands for the day is a pair of slick leather lace up shoes.

Casio Watch

Casio Watch To add a masculine edge to your classic attire for the day, pair it up with a smart Casio watch.