Trisha Das has picked up a couple National Film Award for a body of work that spans eight years and forty-plus documentaries. She’s also written non-fiction works on the art of the television interview and documentary script writing (both published by UNESCO), plus a work of fiction on the Mahabharata, called The Mahabharatha Re-imagined. Now, Das is back with another mythological story, Harper Collins is publishing her Mrs Draupadi Kuru After the Pandavas. #QueMag sat down with the author for an exclusive tête-à-tête.   Why did you choose this theme? I’ve always loved the Mahabharata. I’m not really an expert, just a fan. I wanted to try something new with it and through the course of writing this I’ve discovered that people really like and enjoy new things.   How would you say writing this novel was different from your other published work? A novel is a whole new ball game from the other things I’ve written. It’s a marathon where you have to make each step count or risk losing the reader who is running with you.   What’s your favourite mythological story? It has to be The Mahabharata.   What books did you read growing up? Needless to say, I read a lot. Growing up, I read a lot of women’s literature, history/anthropology stuff, biographies, humour, fantasy and mythology. Pretty much the whole mix, so to speak.   Which are the three books you recommend everyone should read? There are many books that are gems, and it’s hard to pick three but if I had to, I’d definitely say you shouldn’t missPride and PrejudiceSapiens and Who Moved My Cheese?


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