The dating game has changed. Even people married as recently as five years ago might mumble that the rules of engagement have changed so much, they wouldn’t know how to play the game now. Online dating looks easy – as easy as hitting the ‘Like’ button on a photograph of someone you like, or swiping right on a dating app. In fact, Tinder India’s latest (slightly surreal) ad suggests that swiping right will help you find the man of your, and your mother’s, dreams.  

Moms on Tinder

“Ew, mom, stop trying to help me meet strangers through Tinder! Why can’t you just find me a nice arranged marriage on like other moms?”

  Of course it’s a little more complicated than that. Recently, Madhvi Ahuja, an entrepreneur with a business management background, and Kiren Rai, a writer and arts promoter, debuted their book, Cupidity: Ping Me Love, which explores the world of online dating in India. The novel follows the lives of three well-off individuals, trapped in unhappy situations, who then turn to the relative anonymity of chat sites in their quest to reinvent themselves and find love online. Of course, the story is based on some well-researched facts, given that online dating is fast coming into its own here. So the next time you think about going online to meet someone, you might want to think about the fact that:  
Some Words Work Better Than Others
It might seem obvious that men are more likely to find love online if they use words in their dating profile to suggest an interest in a long-term relationship. But there are other, less obvious words – such as 'heart', 'dinner' and 'children' – which are all markers of a man most likely to succeed in finding love online. So go ahead and use these trigger words on your profile, but just don’t use them all together. Nobody wants to be with a guy who enjoys 'children’s hearts for dinner'.

Romantic Hannibal

“I also enjoy long walks on the beach”

Men Read Less, Look at Pictures More
Using eyeball-tracking technology, researchers were able to conclude that men spend less time reading the dating profiles of women, but compensated that by spending 65% more time looking at photos of these women instead. Honestly, though, anybody could have told them this without a scientific study. Sorry, were you expecting only surprising facts?

Homosexuals are gay

This fact brought to you by Captain Obvious

Almost Everyone Lies About Their Appearance
Here’s a fun fact Ahuja and Rai threw at the audience: It turns out that about 81% of people looking for love online lie about their age, weight and height. Which is slightly less than the number of people who lie about those things in the real world, and also why you must never, ever ask a woman her age.

mindy Don’t do it. Just. Don’t.

Everyone Loves A Girl Who Can Hold Her Drinks
One study concluded that women who don’t drink get 24% fewer messages than women who do. And people still wonder why Ladies’ Night is a thing at clubs and bars across the country! So, ladies, if you want a date, it might not hurt to mention on your dating profile that you actually do enjoy throwing back shots at the bar. When you finally do meet, you’ll probably need the liquid courage, anyway. Especially since he’s probably lied to you online about his age, height and weight! The face of youth

“Hey, it’s me, youngstud92”

Age Is Just a Number
The share of 18- to 24-year-olds who use online dating has roughly tripled from 10% in 2013 to 27% today. That shouldn’t be surprising. What should surprise you, however, is this factoid mentioned in Cupidity: Ping me Love: the second-highest demographic trying out online dating is the 55-64 age group. Hottie aunty

You go, girl!

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