The deed is done, you guys. Athleisure is officially a word now—so much so that even Microsoft Word will autocorrect it for you. It is finally (FINALLY!) socially acceptable to wear your track pants outside of your gym and your sneakers to work. Roughly translated, athleisure is also backhand slang for cooler outfit options and fewer laundry days. Now you can expand on your gym wardrobe and repurpose it to wear it in most places without worrying about violating dress codes—though we’re still waiting for clubs to get the memo and make it permissible to wear sneakers. Want to know how to work this into your everyday wardrobe without looking like a small-time hockey team coach? Consider this your education, son. These are the essentials if you want to join the squad. shutterstock_287835467 (1)

Pumped up kicks

Sneakers are the next best thing a guy can befriend after a puppy—the practical implications of actually owning a dog will actually make you change your priorities. A pair of cool kicks, when worn even with a sharp blazer, is the easiest way to sneak some athleisure in your everyday wardrobe.   hoodie

In the hood

Reclaim your hoodies from Snoop Dogg and wear them with pride. A classic grey one can even be layered under a well-tailored jacket if you are aiming at extra street cred points. For some off-duty swag, just throw on a hoodie over your favourite pair of jeans and team it with a pair of neon sneakers.


Stay on track

When they say a pair of jeans is possibly the most comfortable piece of clothing to live in, we know everyone is secretly thinking about their sweatpants. Now that it’s perfectly acceptable to don a pair of well-fitting joggers and slipping past HR policies, find new ways of wearing them—say, with a plain white tee and a military jacket, or even a plaid shirt.

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