Hey QUE! So, what's the deal with ruffles? Everywhere I go, they seem to erupt out of nowhere. This trend seems to have taken over Instagram and on to the streets. I'm curious enough to try it on but I don't want to look like I'm headed to the church wearing my grandma's old shirt. How do I pull this of in a subtle, updated way? x Not a School Girl Dear NASG, Your skepticism about this trend is understandable. This can be a tricky trend to try if your aesthetic leans towards clean, minimalist tailoring. Having said that, it also happens to be one of the biggest trends this summer so escaping it will be difficult. Worry not, though, there are several ways you can pull off this trend without looking like a result of fabric explosion. Below are some tips to make it your own.
Go for subtle ruffles before trying out full on flounces.
Tempting as it may be to try out the trend in its full bloom glory, start with something subtle, like this blouse. The ruffle adds just a slight detail and doesn't distract from the overall outfit, whether you pair it with a pencil skirt of a pair of cigarette trousers.
Opt for neutral shades.
Summer is all about soft colours and tailoring so stick to theme. A ruffled blouse, like the one above, looks much better in neutral colours like beige, taupe and pink--especially when teamed with classic black or navy separates. Darker shades can look garish as the ruffles will stand out even more.
Team with streamlined separates
Whether it is fashion or life, contrast is a rule to live by. So team soft ruffles with structured and streamline separates to balance out your outfit. A well-tailored pair of trousers or simple pencil skirt works best. For a more casual outfit, pick a pair of classic straight-cut jeans in indigo. Image courtesy Shutterstock.com