Dear Que,
When I got married a couple of years ago, I collected a lot of gorgeous gold and diamond jewellery. However, I have no idea of how to look after any of it– so the gold has lost its lustre and my diamonds don’t sparkle quite as much. With a busy work schedule, I don't always have the time to get things professionally cleaned. Are there any quick tips that I could use at home to keep my jewellery sparkling clean? Please help me out! 
Thanks, Fine Jewellery Lover
  Dear Fine Jewellery Lover, We’re glad you asked this question. We tend to forget that even some of the hardest substances known to man (diamonds, platinum) need TLC. And we’re quite careless with our rings and things – perfume, sweat and other wear-and-tear dim the lustre of our pretty jewels. Here’s how to make sure everything sparkles and shines like it should.

Gold Jewellery

Keep It Away From Chemicals

Exposing your gold jewellery to chemicals like chlorine, kitchen cleaning agents, perfumes or lotions can damage their lustre.

Clean Gold Often

Storing gold jewellery without cleaning it every now and then can lead to loss of shine. To avoid this, make sure you clean your gold jewellery with a solution of water and a detergent-free soap. To clean, brush your jewellery with a soft toothbrush. For tougher stains, soak your jewellery in the solution for 3-4 minutes before hand.

Store It Well

The best way to store your gold necklaces and statement earrings is in soft pouches to protect them from dirt and humidity. Store each piece individually to avoid scratches or damage.

Diamond Jewellery

Take Off Your Diamond Jewellery When Carrying Out Chores

An impact at the point or the edge of a diamond can make it shatter or chip. To avoid this, make sure you take off your diamond jewellery when carrying out household chores or exercises.

Do Not Stack Diamond Jewellery

The edge of one diamond may scratch or damage the surface of another diamond. So it's best not to stacking rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Clean Your Diamond Jewellery At Home

According to GIA, diamonds are natural magnets for grease. When handling diamond jewellery, the oils from your fingers can also lead to reducing the brilliance of a diamond. A simple solution of warm water and mild soap can help make your diamond jewellery shine bright again. Using a soft bristled toothbrush, dip it in the solution and gently scrub your diamond. Wipe it with a lint-free cloth and you'll see the difference immediately.

Platinum Jewellery

Take off Platinum Jewellery When Conducting Manual Work

Exposing your platinum jewellery to harsh chemicals may lead to discolouration and damage. It is best to take off your platinum rings when carrying out household chores.

Store it Safely

If you store your jewellery in one box without individual packing, the jewellery will be prone to scratches and damage. Storing platinum jewellery in separate pouches will help keep the shine and make it last a lifetime.

Invest In A Gentle Jewellery Cleanser

To make your cleaning routine easier, investing in a cleanser specially made from fine metals will definitely be a good idea. The polymers in the solution will gently buff and polish your platinum jewellery.

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