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Styling my outfits with fashion jewellery is something I do every single day. From statement earrings to dainty necklaces and midi rings, you'll see them all in my jewellery collection. However, after a few months of using them I have found that they lose their shine and colour. Is there a specific cleaning technique or a storage idea that I can implement to help keep my jewellery look as good as new? Thanks, Jewellery Addict

Dear Jewellery Addict, We totally get you. Jewellery can instantly add a touch of glam to an outfit. However, humidity, sweat, perfume and the way we store our fashion jewellery can sometimes make them tarnish. To help keep your jewellery looking as good as new so that you can wear them for as long as possible, our guide with quick tips will surely help you out.

Keep Your Jewellery Dry

To keep your jewellery from losing its shine, keep it away from perfume, water, soap and other harsh chemicals. They tend to discolour the jewellery making it lose its shine.

Remember to Take It off

Fashion jewellery unlike fine jewellery​,​ can ​become discoloured​, and so taking it off while doing your laundry, cooking or when you're exercising is a good idea. Fashion jewellery when worn for a long duration can also leave traces of colour from the metal on your skin​,​ which can lead to allergies.

Clean Your Jewellery Often

There's always a possibility of traces of perfume, lotion or hairspray getting on to your jewellery. Wiping it with a soft cloth each time you take it off to get rid of chemicals will save your jewellery from losing its colour.

Use White Vinegar

Using a solution of white vinegar and water with a soft bristled toothbrush can bring back the shine and make your jewellery look new again.

Store It Well

Keeping your jewellery exposed to air for a long duration may cause it to oxidize and tarnish. To avoid this, storing jewellery indivially in small pouches can make it last a long time. Like this article? Also read: Ask Me How: To Take Care Of My Fine Jewellery Image Courtesy:

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