Dear Que, Here's one reason I love the winter season: I can finally step into my favourite boots. I wait for this time of the year so that I can wear them without having to worry about the humidity and the high temperatures. I love a good pair of boots and I always tend to buy at least one pair every winter. However, I also have a tough time cleaning them. I almost ruined the last pair I bought when I tried scrubbing a stain off. Please help me out with cleaning tips so that my boots look new each time I wear them.Boot Lover Dear Boot Lover, Yes! It's the perfect season to step into a pair of boots without having to worry about sweaty feet. And since they are your current go-to pick right now (or for the next few months if you live in North India), taking special care of them by investing in the right conditioners and sprays can help them last longer. Here are a few easy tips that will keep your boots clean and perfect for the season. 1) Cleaning Before you get started with any kind of polish, the first step is to clean off any kind of dust or loose debris with a soft cloth. If you happen to step into a muddy puddle, let the boot dry completely before you wipe it. To get rid of the stains and scuffs, dip a soft cloth into a warm soap water solution and wipe the exterior surface. With a damp cloth, wipe off the extra soap. 2) Tough Scuffs In case of tough scuffs, which do not come off with soap water, use a solution of baking soda and water. Dip a soft cloth in the solution and gently rub the surface until the scuffs disappear. Wipe the boot clean with a dry cloth and leave it to dry. 3) Leather Conditioner To make sure your boots last a long time, invest in a good quality leather conditioner that will protect it from stains and will give it a polished look. Apply it to your boots before each wear and let it sit for a while before you buff the boots with a soft cloth. 4) Storage Always let your boots dry before packing and putting them away. Keep them in a place away from heat to avoid making the leather brittle or fade. Avoid storing them in plastic bags as it may lead to the leather drying out or developing mold. Instead, store them in separate fabric bags preferably made from soft material. 5) Suede Boots If you're trying to take off stains from your suede boots, make sure you don't use the same cleaning techniques as you do with your leather boots. Suede is much more delicate and need special care. To get rid of dust and stains, first brush it off using a soft toothbrush. For tough stains, place the boot near steam from a tea kettle for a few moments and then brush off the dirt with a soft brush. 6) Test The Product Before using a new conditioner, polish or spray on your boots, make sure to test it on a small area of the boot before you apply it to the entire boot. Keep these steps in mind for the next time you clean your boots and we're sure they'll last longer than usual while always looking brand new.

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