Do you find yourself standing puzzled in front of the mirror for hours every morning, deciding what to wear? Do you scoff at trends in fashion magazines, thinking they’re not for you, but for models and celebrities only? Whoever said fashion doesn’t require intense decision making, wasn’t a woman. ┬áSo this is when we decided to step in and be your saviour. We got women from various walks of life to hit us with their most daunting sartorial concerns, and here’s what they had to ask…

Lazy girl style

Hey there lazy girl! You’re definitely one of us. Nothing conceals lack of effort like colour. A bright jacket, a pop coloured lip colour or a bright accessory and footwear should do the trick even if the rest of the outfit is grey sweatpants and your boyfriend’s tee.


Stash a pair of stilettos and a formal blazer at your workplace in case you have to run for a last minute meeting.


Blogging is an epidemic. Everyone who can dress fairly well and has access to an iPhone is now a blogger. My advice to you is to define a USP (unique style point). Don’t just blog about fashion; be specific in your approach. Is your style minimalistic or are you into non-conformist fashion? Always find that edge that’ll give you an identity of your own.


Do extensive research of what’s already out there so you know your competition.

Fashion Week

The fashion paparazzi is always on the lookout for something new and fresh when it comes to street style. An outlandish outfit, an OTT accessory or a quirky hair-do will always catch their attention. Take cues from various street style blogs like The Sartorialist, Wearabout and Garance Dore to name a few.


Remember to seal the deal by striking a supermodel pose!

Bra Size

Firstly, a good strapless bra is a myth. When you’re well endowed up there, gravity will, more often than not, do it’s job. So, what I do is put on my strapless bra immediately after a hot steamy shower so it moulds into the right shape and stays put. Secondly, I always wear a nude bustier as an inner over the bra to prevent it from slipping. You could also try magic tape in case your neckline is a plunging one.


A lot of good lingerie brands have strapless bras with moulding technology/ memory foam that automatically takes the shape of your bust and has a better hold than the usual ones.

Petite palazzo

Yes, this is a tricky one. You can end up looking like a hobo if you don’t get palazzos right. Avoid the pants with extreme flair. Try lighter colours and prints. Make sure your footwear is slightly elevated to give you the right posture and avoid the hemline from grazing the floor. Lastly, avoid slouch on the top by always teaming it with a well-fitted blouse to complete the look.


Make sure you buy the right size in the first place and don’t be lazy when it comes to getting it altered.