Dear Que, I love experimenting with new styles and trends. On my last shopping spree, I got myself a pair of high-waisted jeans - a style that I've never worn before. Once I tried them on though, I wondered why it took me so long to get my hands on  these jeans. I absolutely love the fit and how it accentuates my waist. However, I'm having trouble styling them. Should I pair them with a T-shirt or with a blouse? Would a pair of wedges go well with this style? I can't wait to put together an outfit. Please help me out with a few style tips! —Denim Lover   Dear Denim Lover, We agree! High-waisted jeans are one of the best denim styles out there. From flattering your problem areas (read: your hips and love handles) to elongating your legs, a pair of high-waisted jeans are all you really need to look good. That being said, knowing what to wear with a pair of high-waisted jeans is the key to pulling it off in style. Choose pieces like a tank top and a long jacket that will offer length, or a slim-fit crop top, which will show off your waist to advantage. Here are some easy-to-replicate looks from international street style stars.

A button down shirt + a blazer + high-waisted jeans + heeled boots

When in doubt, pick your favourite button down shirt and tuck it into your high-waist jeans. Layer with a blazer and step into a pair of heeled boots for a stylish look.

A blouse + high-waisted jeans + statement belt + heels

If your office dress code allows you to slip into a pair of jeans every now and then, you must try this outfit. It's chic, elegant and extremely stylish.

A crop top + high-waisted jeans + loafers

Crop tops never looked this good! Pair your jeans with a comfortable crop top and step into a pair of loafers for a chic casual look. Accessorize your outfit with a layered necklace.

A tank top + a long coat + high-waisted jeans + metallic heels

Instead of opting for cropped jackets to pair with high-waisted jeans, opt for a long coat or vest instead. Keep your top tucked in and layer with a coat like this.

A T-shirt + high-waisted jeans + mule heels

Tuck your T-shirt into your high-waisted jeans, it's a fail-safe look. This outfit is perfect for a casual coffee-date or while you run errands.   Image Courtesy: Cover Image:

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