Dear Que, I'm very partial to the basic white T-shirt. It's very comfortable, especially in this weather, and is my go-to pick because it's so easy to wear with my blue jeans. But my girlfriend thinks I'm a boring dresser. What should I do?  I need help! Thanks, Mr White T-Shirt 

Dear Mr White T-Shirt, We get you. A white tee is a much-loved wardrobe staple for us too. It can be paired with just about anything - shorts, chinos, bomber jackets, trousers, and it'll look great no matter what. To help you put together a stylish look, we've picked out five must-have pieces from GAS that you can pair with your white T-shirt. Here's what we recommend:

First, do you need a new white T-shirt?

There's no such thing as having too many white T-shirts. This white T-shirt from GAS features a crew neck and is made from soft cotton fabric which ensures a comfortable fit. Like this article? Also read: Get Your Hands On The Coolest Linen Pieces From Celio Now

Wear it With: A Denim Shirt

A casual denim shirt like this blue slim shirt from GAS is just what you need to layer over your white T-shirt. Wear the shirt unbuttoned and pair it with black denims for an effortlessly stylish look.

Wear it With: Joggers

This pair of skinny joggers from GAS  is made from a cotton poly blend. Like this article? Also read: Have You Checked Out These Slim Phones Under Rs 30,000?

Wear it With: A Bomber Jacket

Up your style game for the weekend with a bomber jacket that you can layer over your white T-shirt.

Wear it With: Stylish Jeans

Give your blue jeans a break and slip into these on-trend embroidered denims from GAS.

Wear it With: Comfy Shorts

Solid coloured shorts that hit your leg just above the knee are a must-have. This pair of shorts from GAS comes in a regular fit. Like this article? Also read: Cool Running Shoes That Will Help You Beat the Heat this Summer Image Courtesy: