Dear QUE, I love dressing up and putting together a casual outfit but I must admit, formal dressing is definitely not my forte. Since I've got my first ever job interview in a few days, the thought of putting together a formal look is stressing me out. I have never really worn a formal outfit nor do I know how to style it. Can you please help me out with a few formal pieces you think I should own along with a few styling tips? Thank you, The Casual Dresser.

Dear Casual Dresser, We get you. Putting together a casual outfit is fun and allows you to experiment a lot but formal dressing on the other hand, requires you to stick to certain styles, patterns and silhouettes to ace the perfect look. But once you get it right, you'll love incorporating prints and playing around with different collared shirts for a fresh new look. Since you're just getting started, keeping it simple and paying attention to details will make it a whole lot easier. This season, minimal designs and clean cut trousers are trending. To make it easier, we've got you six pieces that will help you put together the perfect formal look.

Invest In A Classic White Shirt

A classic white shirt never fails to impress and is perfect for when you're in doubt. We love the details on this white shirt from Peter England. It offers a slim fit and is made from cotton fabric which is breathable and perfect for summer.
Style tip: You can pair this shirt with black slim fit trousers to play it safe or navy trousers and tan shoes for a stylish look.

Keep It Minimal

Since you're just starting to build your formal wardrobe, starting off with minimal designs and simple prints like this chequered shirt from Van Heusen is a good idea.
Style tip: Pair it with a blue tie, well-tailored black trousers and a pair of black brogues to pull together a stylish formal look.

Your Trousers Can Make Or Break Your Look

Investing in a pair of well-tailored trousers and you'll never be disappointed. Baggy and ill-fitting trousers are not just uncomfortable but can also make your outfit look untidy.
Style tip: Make sure the length of the trousers are accurate. Well-tailored trousers can be worn with any kind of formal shirt. Pair this one with your favourite formal shoes.

Choose Comfort Over Style

If you find slim-fit trousers uncomfortable or if they're simply not your kind of style, investing in regular fit trousers like this pair from Weststreet by Westside is certainly a good idea. It looks good and will keep you comfortable too.
Style tip: Perfect for work and post-work dinner, this pair of regular fit trousers will never fail to impress. Pair it with a navy blue shirt and tan formal shoes.

Invest In A Versatile Blazer

Investing in a blazer that goes with everything in your formal wardrobe will make your life a whole lot easier. You can pair it with a casual shirt and chinos or layer it on your formal outfit for your next boardroom meeting.
Style tip: For a cool casual look, you can layer your blazer over a Polo tee and pair it with chinos.

Pick Out Your Go-To Formal Shoes

When in doubt, a pair of black formal shoes will always come to your rescue so investing in one that is durable and stylish will be a good idea.
Style tip: This stylish pair from Alberto Torresi can be paired with your formal suit or with your semi-formals.
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