Dear Que, Here's an honest fashion confession. While I love dressing up and playing around with my style, I always have to limit myself to fewer options when it comes to footwear. It has either got to be a pair of sneakers, ballet flats or sandals because I simply cannot walk in heels. I find them very painful to walk in and therefore, I only own one pair of heels that I rarely wear. With a few weddings and parties coming up, I would love to step into a pair of heels. Please help me out with a few tips. Thank you, Footwear Lover. Dear Footwear Lover, We totally get you. While walking in heels can sure be painful, they can take your outfit to the next level in a matter of seconds. The right technique and a few tips and tricks are all you need to get it right. Once you get your hands on a pair you love, our hacks will help you walk like a pro!

Make Sure Your Shoe Fits

When you get your hands on the pair for the first time, make sure they fit well. It is what matters the most. Shoes that are too big, or too small, will make it all the more difficult to walk in. If they're too big, buy a good quality insole that will provide a better fit.

Practice Is All You Need

If you've just got your hands on that pair you've been eyeing for a while, don't leave them in a box only to take them out on the day of the occasion. Instead, practice walking in your heels at home and get used to them. It will really make you aware of the fit and comfort level.

Walk Heel To Toe

There's a difference when you walk in flats and when you walk in heels. When wearing heels, put your heel down first followed by your toe.

Do Not Rush

You do not want to miss your step while you walk in your heels and so, taking your time and walking slowly along with taking smaller steps will surely help you.

The Scotch Tape Trick

Taping your third and fourth toe together helps reduce the pain slightly and you should certainly try it out. It supposedly redistributes the weight and helps to balance out the pressure on your feet. You should give it a try! Image Courtesy:

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