Dear Que, Everyone’s wearing joggers. They’re wearing them everywhere, even to work! I know athleisure is a big trend – all the celebs and cool boys are wearing jackets and sneakers, joggers and jackets and everything else - but I don’t know how to get the look myself. Can you give me tips? Thanks, Mr Look-for-style-advice.

Dear Mr Look-for-style-advice, Yes, the trend is everywhere, isn’t it? Athleisure, which some also call Sportscore has been dominating the men’s style scene for the last two years, and we can’t blame you guys – it's just so comfortable to wear. The key to nailing the trend is making sure your sportswear pieces are neat, well-tailored and not too baggy. Begin by mixing your sportswear with pieces from your weekend wardrobe. For example, pair a slim-fit T-shirt with a pair of comfortable joggers and complete your look with a performance-fabric bomber jacket. To help you get started, we've picked out the only pieces you'll need to put together an athleisure look like a pro.

A Bomber Jacket

The easiest way to give your outfit an athleisure feel is by layering it with a bomber jacket, like this one from Superdry.


An essential when it comes to wearing the athleisure trend, the joggers or track pants can be the one piece that holds it all together. Match this pair of slim-fit cotton joggers from Nuon by Westside with a T-shirt and you’ll be right on trend.

Casual Trousers

If you think pairing joggers and a bomber jacket make for too much of a sporty look, opt for a pair of casual cropped trousers instead. Offering a slim-fit, this pair of trousers from Ascot by Westside offer a comfortable fit due to its comfortable cotton stretch fabric. Pair it with sneakers.

Athleisure Bag

While opting for an athleisure look, make sure your accessories are on point too. A duffle bag like this one from Leather Zentrum that is stylish, sporty and functional is just what you need to complete your look.


You can never really complete your athleisure outfit without stepping into a pair of cool pair of sneakers. We love this pair from DC and it's just what you need to step out in style.

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