Dear Que, I bought myself a beautiful leather bag a few months ago and since I love it so much, I carry it everywhere I go. From meetings to lunch dates, you'll always see me with my leather handbag. As a result, dust and other stains have accumulated on the surface. I need to clean my bag, but don't want to ruin the surface with harsh chemicals. Please help me out with cleaning hacks and tips. Thank you, Handbag Lover.

Dear Handbag Lover, Is it a deep, hard-to-clean stain? In that case, professional intervention might be necessary. If not, then we have some hacks for you. Firstly, follow a regular cleaning schedule, to avoid build-up (we’d recommend once a week), and use the right cleaning agents. Here’s what you need to do:

Brush Off The Dust

To remove dust from the surface of your bag, as well as the inner compartments, use a soft bristle brush.

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Always Spot-test Your Solution

Each leather bag is different and you cannot use the same cleaning solutions for all bags. It’s always a good idea for you to conduct a spot test first.

Wipe Your Bag With Mild Soapy Water

To keep your leather handbag clean, you may also use a solution of warm water and mild soap. Dip a lint-free cloth into the solution and wipe the dirt off the surface of the outside of the bag.

Next, use a soft dry towel to wipe off the solution and leave it to dry in a cool, dark place so as to avoid sun damage.

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Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Do not use wet wipes, vinegar or other home remedies on your leather bag. The chemicals may stain your bag and make the leather less durable.

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