Dear Que,
I must admit, I'm a shopaholic! From keeping up with the latest trends to always giving into buying everything on my wishlist, I have now realised that I need to change my shopping habits, the kind of clothes and fabrics that make way into my wardrobe. The idea of always staying on-trend has made me buy clothes that are only limited to a specific season and are simply useless any other time of the year. Also, most of my basics like my blue jeans aren't as long lasting and I've noticed that most of my clothing lose their original shape and design after a couple of washes. Is there a particular way to keep my favourite wardrobe essentials from wearing out so quickly? Also, can you please help me start building a more sustainable wardrobe? 
Thank you,
Worried Shopaholic
Dear Worried Shopaholic,
Fret not! We understand your plight. We've all been there. With the innumerable trends that come our way every season, it's quite a task to keep ourselves away from giving in to them only to realise that they're short-lived and not meant for everyone. A lot of these trends are a product of fast-fashion and the materials involved in making them may not always be the best. That being said, there are also a few ways to help them last longer by mending and caring for them. However, it's also time we shop smarter and invest in conscious fashion (as opposed to a wardrobe full of fast-fashion trends) which will also be beneficial to the environment. Here are a few hacks that will help you take good care of your wardrobe essentials and help them last a long time.

Get Rid of Your Harsh Detergents

While your detergent may get rid of the toughest stains from your clothes, it also damages the fabric and colour. Instead, learn how to spot-clean and make a DIY mixture with vinegar and your favourite essential oil.

Don't Wash Your Jeans Too Often

Vintage jeans, distressed jeans or regular denims, washing them too often leads to them losing their original shape and will make them stretch out faster.

Ditch The Dryer

While it does save us all a lot of time, the dryer is actually increasing the speed damage being done to your clothes. Save it for days when the weather is humid or a rainy day.

Sunlight Really Works

The best way to let your clothes dry is to hang them on a clothes rack and leave them in the sunlight. The UV rays are known to kill bacteria and this method is better than leaving your clothes in the dryer.

A Sewing Kit Can Go A Long Way

Don't throw out your favourite shirt just because it has lost a button while it was in the laundry. Instead, learn a few sewing techniques that will save a lot of your wardrobe staples.

Store Them Well

The way you store your clothes can help make them last much longer. To get rid of any moisture from your wardrobe, make sure to use packets of silica gel and camphor. Hanging delicate dresses and tops on hangers can leave dents on your clothes and will make them lose their shape. Instead, fold them and store them in brown paper to save them from stains or any damage.

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