Dear QUE, I've been loving the jewellery on Tata CLiQ and the delicate necklaces have been my top picks. I love pairing them with my work wear. Of late, I've been going through my Instagram feed and I love the way fashion girls layer their necklaces. I've been trying my best to do it myself but just can't seem to get it right. Please help me out! Thanks, Jewellery Hoarder. Dear Jewellery Hoarder, The art of layering necklaces may seem like a task initially but once you get it right, we're sure you'll love accessorizing each of your outfits with layered necklaces. There are certain things to keep in mind while you try to get it right For example, the length of the necklace forms the base of the look while the metal colour too is what you should pay close attention to. Keeping it simple by choosing a single colour and opting for delicate designs will help you get it right without any effort. Here are a few necklaces that are perfect for a layered look.•

Tipsyfly Geometric Choker Necklace

This choker from Tipsyfly features a geometric pattern in yellow alloy. It will be the perfect base for your layered look.

Shop Lune Yellow Alloy Bar Necklace Set

A bar necklace is a must-have piece while you layer necklaces. This one from Shop Lune features delicate embellishments and comes along with a matching pair of earrings too.

Pipa Bella Golden Horn Pendant Necklace

Featuring a minimalist design, this horn-shaped pendant comes along with a gold chain. It's unique and will put together a stylish layered look.
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Shop Lune Yellow Alloy Triangle Necklace

Delicate and edgy, this triangular pendant necklace fom Pipa Bella is just what you need to complete the look. You'll love wearing this one separately too.

Joker & Witch Single Pearl Body Chain

If you love to stand out or simply want to opt for a bold layered necklace look, this body chain from Joker & Witch will be the perfect addition. You'll love this one!
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