Dear Que, With winter just around the corner, and I want to buy sweaters for my two toddlers - a boy and a girl. Shopping for winter staples might seem like a simple task but with the two of them, it's not all that easy. They've grown out of last years' clothes and this year I would really like to skip the trip to the mall and shop online instead - because, have you taken toddlers to the mall? Please help me find the right sweaters for my little ones especially something that will keep them warm while making them look stylish too. Thanks, Harried Mother Dear Harried Mother, No, we have never gone to the mall with even one toddler in tow, let alone two. But we've seen many, many harassed moms trying to placate cranky kids/kids on a sugar high. And it's scary. So we feel you. Getting to your question of winter wear for your kiddos, we have some tips (and some picks!) for you. Firstly, make sure you pick sweaters made from natural fibres, because a) they're better for your kids, who at this age have sensitive skin, and b) they launder better than those made from synthetic fabrics and so will last longer. Also make sure you have your kids' latest measurements, to account for any recent growth spurts. Size guides are handily provided on most online shopping sites, like, so you won't go wrong.  Thirdly, choose colours that will hide food stains; and forth, invest in quality clothes, even if they cost a little more. Keeping all this in mind, here are some picks from's kids wear section.

HOP by Westside Coral Sweater


Nauti Nati Pink Printed Sweater


HOP by Westside Navy Sweater


Zudio Black Floral Sweater


US Polo Navy Striped Sweater


Lilliput Grey Printed Cardigan

grey sweater

Solly By Allen Solly Printed Sweater


US Polo Green Solid Sweater

sleeveless sweater