While the ongoing lockdown has kept all of us indoors, children are perhaps the most affected by that. Keeping their creative and imaginative minds engaged is a constant requirement that many parents might be struggling with. To make that easier, we’ve curated a list of craft ideas that parents can enjoy with their kids and teach them something in the process. Here’s five craft ideas for you to try.

Paper sculptures

Many of us have a lot of old paper in the form of newspapers, notebooks etc in our homes. These can be turned into beautiful art using methods like papier mache or paper sculptures. While the exact method may vary – you could turn the paper into paper-clay or use strips over a base structure – the end results can be highly creative and satisfying.


The art of origami needs no introduction. However, it can go much beyond the basic examples that most of us are familiar with. There are a lot of great examples and tutorials available online and the best part is – all you need is a single sheet of paper.

Pop-up cards & books

Everyone loves cards, and pop cards are even more adorable. Making these can range from simple to as complex as you need them to be. Since this involves using scissors and glue, ensure that its made under adult supervision. It’s a great idea to make these cards to express gratitude towards the people making your life easier during the lockdown.

Recycle crafts

While recycling paper is quite common, there’s a lot of other things in our homes that can be recycled via the medium of crafting. Egg cartons, old cardboard boxes, old defunct gadgets and more can provide endless opportunities for creating artwork. Most of them will require a good set of scissors, paint, glue and some adult supervision.

Vegetable printing

Another artform with a wide range of possibilities, printing with vegetables like okra, brinjals, potato, cabbage and more can be quite interesting for your children. One of the simpler craft ideas in terms of materials, the limits of this one are purely defined by your imagination.

Image Courtesy: Canva, Flickr, Shutterstock