You can always count on Instagram to fuel your wanderlust. First, there were those filter-enhanced pictures; now there are videos. And if you’re savvy enough, you can add a mood enhancing sound track to it. Can you imagine just how many likes a video of you walk through a lush forest that opens up to a breath-taking waterfall – to a Kygo tune – will garner? It’s the stuff of an amateur filmmaker’s dreams. If you’re going on your next vacation, here’s how you can create your own dreamy Instagram videos. Pick from one of these apps - which requires various levels of expertise – to find the one that best suits your needs. Also Read: Turn All Your “No Filter” Holiday Pictures into Instagram-Esque Posts

Background music for videos

If you’re not into any complicated editing, this is as basic as it gets, when adding music to your videos. There are no extra features, no extra options – just pick a video and an audio file and upload your creation to your Instagram page. Download: iOS


One of the easiest apps to use, Quik has been developed by Go Pro. Once you install the app, start a project, add the video from your gallery, layer it with a track from your playlist and you’re done! You can also experiment with its video editing modes, including stop motion, video collage, transition effects and inserting animated text. Download: Android, iOS


Videoshop is an advanced video editing app that lets you experiment with your videos. Apart from adding music from your personal collection or the stock library, you can also trim the video, adjust its speed, merge multiple clips, resize, reverse and do more that you could’ve with any sophisticated video software. It gives you full control to create a video and then saves it for Instagram in high resolution. Download: Android, iOS


Flipgram is another advanced video editor that allows you to add music from its library or your playlist. Additionally, you can use it to stitch multiple video clips, add photos, overlay text and more. Other than these editing features, it also has a very creative community that shares their videos. You can take inspiration from their work and likewise, share your work to inspire a few more. Download: Android, iOS These video editing apps will help you create delightful travel videos but make sure you have a good camera to take great videos in the first place. Here are a few smartphones with outstanding camera quality. Also Read: Ruffles, corsets and more: What’s Trending on Instagram right Now

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