Graphic designing is an eloquent profession, but given its typical demands, travelling while being a designer has been a slightly complicated task. This is because graphic designers have typically always relied on apps that are heavy, and required the power of a premium laptop to work well. That, though, is history — with powerful phones and a highly flexible and mature Android platform, there are plenty of excellent apps that would perfectly suit the needs of a graphic designer. Here are our top five.


Built by creative art and illustration giant Autodesk, Sketchbook has a neat, simplified interface, and is an excellent app on Android that you can use for free. For the non-paid version, you get enough tools to quickly sketch out a moment of inspiration, such as a great design idea for your client’s website while you are in a movie. If you like the app enough, you can pay to upgrade to Sketchbook Pro, which is more powerful and intricate.

Infinite Design

One for true blue designers, Infinite Design is possibly the best vector design apps out in the market. It offers one of the most powerful sets of features for a free vector design application, including the ability to apply an infinite number of layers on an infinitely stretchable canvas. You also get infinite undo and redo attempts, therefore justifying the name. The free version is ad-supported, which you can make entirely ad-free by upgrading to the full feature set variant.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch + Capture CC

Adobe has some of the most popular and powerful design tools in its arsenal, which in Android boil down to these two apps. Photoshop Sketch essentially offers the entire set of designing tools for the regular Photoshop designer, while Capture CC plays a quirky, interesting role.

The latter can turn any photograph into a vector graphic illustration, which can then be ported to PS Sketch and subsequently edited to will. Capture CC can also latch on to snippets of alien fonts, and give you a recommendation of which library font comes close to your on-paper idea.


Available online as a free-to-use designing tool on the web for a long time, Canva has now migrated to mobile platforms. As always, Canva’s Android app also lets designers use quick access presets, and lets them edit the contents as well. Eventually, it is suited well for basic designers or those who may just have started out as a hobbyist. For such audiences, Canva is likely the very best choice to make.


ArtFlow has a well-refined interface and some of the most thoughtfully implemented tools. You get access to 20 drawing or editing tools, two layers and six undo requests, which is a decent feature set for a free service. Paying for the Pro version opens the app up exponentially, which is when it becomes one of the very best designing apps on Android.

Image Courtesy: Shutterstock