We seek holidays to feed our souls and escape the demands of everyday life. But planning a vacation and arming yourself with all the necessary information for a smooth holiday is no trip down funville. But thanks to the smartphone and tablet, you don’t need to wing it all by yourself. As a Play Store-full of apps, and websites, burst on the travel scene (and our screens), fulfilling your wanderlust has become easier than ever before. We zero down on six apps and websites, well beyond universal favourites like Uber, Expedia, Airbnb and Zomato, that are changing the way we jet set (or backpack on a budget). Hop aboard this travel revolution.  


01 hopper travel app

First things first. Looking to score the cheapest possible tickets for your vacation? Airfare prediction app Hopper claims to help you save up to 40% on your next flight. The app analyses data on hundreds of flights to help users pick when to fly and buy tickets. The ‘Watch a Flight’ feature sends you a push notification when the price of a given route tends to drop. Available on App Store and Google Play.   


02 trover travel app

Touted as ‘the baby of Instagram and TripAdvisor’, this travel-centric photo-sharing app is all about building a network of wanderers. It’s a cool way to discover fun (and tried-and-tested) things to do at your destination, connect with like-minded travellers and share your experiences too. Available on App Store and Google Play.   

OYO Rooms

03 oyo rooms travel app

Catering specifically to the Indian travel-sphere, OYO is supposedly India’s largest branded network of hotels. With 138 cities and 3,000+ hotels in its kitty, it definitely spans the country’s length and breadth. Did we mention the prices are unmatched? www.oyorooms.comAlso available on App Store and Google Play.    Like this article? Also read: Sunspring: Can A Machine Really Write A Movie?  

 Wi-Fi Finder

04 wifi finder travel app

Travelling without Wi-Fi is like being stranded on a desert without any water. Luckily this genius app promises to come to your rescue. With over 6,50,000 locations in 144 countries around the world, this app helps you scout for paid and free Wi-Fi when on the road. We know what you’re going to ask next—so yes, you can download the locations when you’re offline! The fact that it also gives you directions to the location wins it extra brownie points. Available on App Store and Google Play.   

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

05 tripadvisor travel app

There’s no doubt that TripAdvisor is a bible for travellers and their offline city guides take it a notch higher. Whether you’re looking for advice on where to shop or want to find a restaurant near you, this app promises to be your one-stop and covers over 300 cities. Simply download reviews, photos and city maps in advance and then access this information throughout your trip without Internet access. Available on App Store and Google Play.   


06 trip it travel app

The one downside of a long trip is the tedious amount of paperwork, booking confirmations et al that you need to keep a track of. Say goodbye to those frustrating (and sometimes futile) searches through your inbox with this app. TripIt connects with your email and compiles everything from flight confirmation numbers and hotel bookings to rental car reservations and your restaurant bookings in one place. It’s an organised traveler's dream come true and a blessing in disguise for ones who are all over the place! You couldn’t ask for a more seamless travel itinerary. Available on App Store and Google Play.    Liked this article? Also read: Coolest Travel Gear You Didn’t Realise You Needed Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com