In the nascent days of the smartphone, manufacturers were dedicatedly focussed in making phones more functional. I’m talking about a time when phones couldn’t take the pictures that they do today and couldn’t even multi-task that well. Since function was more important than form then, the first generations of smartphones wasn’t as pleasing to the eye as you’d probably expect. But eventually, most of us became inseparable from these pocket machines. Almost suddenly, smartphones were now under pressure to not just be our assistants but even look the part. For something that would be with us all day and be a factor of judgement for others, it had to look better than just a brick crammed with tech. The first iPhone was considered to be the largest leap in smartphone design. It single-handedly pushed smartphones from being bulky and utilitarian to being sleek and more attractive. Ever since smartphone manufacturers have continuously pushed the boundaries of smartphone design to bring to us phones that are beautiful in their own unique ways. On the occasion of World Art Day, let’s appreciate the art in smartphones and check out phones that are the perfect metaphors for modern art!

1) Samsung Galaxy S10+

If we’re talking about art and aesthetics, it’s difficult to start the ball rolling without mentioning Samsung. Samsung is known to make smartphones that sit on the edge of design and function. The Galaxy S10+ happens to be the latest smartphone in their arsenal and we just can’t stop drooling. The phone is a beautiful sandwich of glass and aluminium that is graced with curves that make the phone a treat to hold. The phone has evolved over the years with deliberate effort and has truly set a benchmark in terms of design language. Like this article? Also read: The Power-Packed Mi Smart Tvs Are The Best Budget Buys

Apple iPhone XS

The iPhone XS’s predecessor was a phone that pretty much triggered the entire smartphone industry to adopt a notch in their respective phones. The iPhone XS is a very subtle upgrade and gives the phone an almost-jewel like status with its legendary Gold colour. The glass back plays with ambient light to deliver different shades while the stainless steel sides provide the necessary bling to make the phone stand out amongst a ‘Chinese crowd’.

Vivo V15

For the longest time, new innovations in the design language of smartphones were limited to the more expensive flagship phones. They either took a lot of time to trickle down to cheaper phones or just never made it to these phones. But with the Vivo V15, Vivo democratised design innovation for the masses. The Vivo V15 has nothing but screen on the front. There’s no notch to draw your attention away from the content that you consume. And if it’s seamless display and pop-up camera don’t make you appreciate the phone’s design, it’s frozen black gradient on the back will surely catch your eyes!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Henri Matisse had very famously said that ‘creativity takes courage’. And with the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung did just that. The Galaxy Note 9 was a solidly built phone that was a visual treat. It’s ‘melting’ infinity display seamlessly curved into the sides of the phone to make the phone feel more wholesome than most. But the most striking part of the design was Samsung’s bold choice of choosing different colours than the colour of the body for the S-Pen. Just look at the Ocean Blue variant of the Note 9 with its contrastive yellow S-Pen and you’ll know what I mean! Like this article? Also read: The Top Water-Resistant Smartphones of 2019