A low-key dinner date at home is a Valentine’s Day classic. You can avoid the rush around and get more personal time with your SO. Plus, there is some truth to the fact that the road to everyone’s heart goes through a happy tummy. Whip up a romantic dinner for your Valentine with these 6 appliances around.
Air fryer
philips air fryer
Make healthier appetisers in an air fryer that uses very little or no oil to do the frying. The appliance works on a technology that uses air to fry the food in the basket. From crispy potato balls to cutlets, French fries and falafels, you can make your munchies healthier for your romantic dinner date. Did you know you can also bake a cake in the air fryer?
Automatic cooker
Panasonic SR-WA18H(SS) 1.8L 660W Automatic Cooker
There are two good things that come out of using an automatic cooker. One is that you can experiment with a variety of recipes and second is that you can just set it and forget about it. Instead of popping in and out of your kitchen all evening, you can just enjoy your date and let this cooker do its trick.
Indoor grill
Glen GL 3033 1200 W Glass Grill
You might not get to impress your date with an open grill in our cramped cities but you can get the next best thing. This indoor grill is safe to use inside your homes. It has a glass plate that lets you grill meat, fish, chicken and veggies using little oil.
Glen GL 5014 1100 W Tandoor
Having this appliance around brings to your kitchen the taste of a traditional clay tandoor. Marinate your chicken, paneer or fish in some tandoori masala and place them inside this tandoor for a delicious smoked meal.
Godrej GMX 20 CA5 MLZ 20 Litre Convection Microwave
Every time you get lost whispering sweet nothings to your date, your food might be resting in another corner, getting cold and soggy. Have a microwave around to warm up the food while you enjoy all your distractions.
Ice cream maker
Orbit Gelato 1 L Ice Cream Maker
Impress your date instantly with homemade ice cream made using this handy appliance. You can also make frozen yoghurt and sorbet in this ice cream maker. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com

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