When we think of buying and using appliances in our homes, we think of comfort and convenience. Even when choosing our home appliances, we tend to prioritise features that will make our lives smoother. However, those trends are changing as regular appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators come with health-focused features. Rather than just providing you better cooling or colder refrigeration, AC and refrigerator manufacturers are including features that actively work towards eradicating possible risks to your health. Here’s how they’re doing it.  

Air purifying ACs

Beyond ensuring the continuous circulation of air, modern air conditioners are increasingly coming with air-purification features. For instance, Sanyo Inverter ACs come with a built-in PM 2.5 filter and dust filter that takes care of dust, pollen and suspended particles. Some even add a dielectric filter and sport high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) which makes them as good as some dedicated air purifiers.  

Self-cleaning ACs

A persistent issue with ACs can be the formation of mould and accumulation of bacteria once they are turned off. This takes place in the indoor unit, mainly on the heat-exchanging components. Leading manufacturers like Samsung, Haier and LG offer AC models that come with a self-cleaning feature which prevent this. They achieve this by keeping the internals of the AC dry once it is switched off. For LG inverter ACs, this feature is known as Auto Clean.  

Freshness-extending refrigerators

The entire idea behind using a refrigerator is to keep your food from spoiling. However, some refrigerators go further to ensure that the food retains its freshness for longer, with the help of advanced features. Rather than bombarding food with cold air directly, some models come with a crisper tray that is cooled externally to keep the veggies inside fresh. For instance, the Neofrost Dual Cooling in Voltas Beko refrigerators ensures two distinct cooling circuits for freezer and fridge. This leads to just the right humidity for your food, making it last longer.  
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