The new Android updated has tickled techies all over with its developer preview. Like every other update, Google has released this preview with nothing but the first alphabet of its name which is usually related to a sweet product. Remember, Android N that became Nougat and L that became Lollipop. Also Read: 8 Marshmallow Features to Try Before You Move On To Nougat So, now that Google has unveiled Android O, everyone’s going nuts speculating the new name. Most people are convinced the O may stand for Oreo but that’s still under wraps. It could be Oreo or Oatmeal Cookie or Orange Candy, who knows. If there’s something that really needs some attention, it’s the features of this new update. Here are some of the most exciting features of the Android O available in the developer preview. These features may or may not make it to the full releases, but they’re definitely worth getting excited about.
Battery life
Better battery life is always such a necessity. To help with this, Android O will block, limit and manage what apps do in the background while multiple apps are open simultaneously. For instance, if you’re using WhatsApp and have opened Maps in the background, location services will update the location less frequently to keep it from drowning your battery.
Grouped notifications
There are tons of notifications that you receive every day. To tackle this Android O has introduced a channel system or as Google describes “app-defined categories for notification content” that groups your notification. You can segregate them in different channels like news, text messages, music etc. and control each channel separately. The user can block and manage each channel notification individually instead of managing each app’s notifications.
Snooze notifications
As important as notifications are, sometimes you just need to shush them for a while. With Android O, you can snooze them for a specific time like 15, 30 or 60 minutes by sliding through the notification and selecting how long you’d like to snooze them.
Autofill system
The autofill feature on Android currently exists in certain apps like Messages and Chrome as an app-specific feature but is not part of the OS. Android O allows the user to select the Autofill app such as password managers to give you secure yet easy access to autofill your device. It will work the same way you can now select what keyboard you can use across your apps and phone.
Android O supports the picture-in-picture (PIP) feature where the user will finally be able to keep a video playing while using another app too. This display will play the video in a smaller screen while the user goes on using other apps.
Better quality Bluetooth audio
Audiophiles out there can rejoice with this new feature that streams higher quality audio wirelessly when you connect it to your speakers via Bluetooth. Also Read: Presenting Bluetooth 5: Faster Speed, Longer Range and More
UI customisation
Android O will allow you to customise more shortcuts to your status bar, lock screen and navigation bar to make accessing your phone easier. This developer’s preview of the Android O is currently out for programmers to prepare their apps for the new OS. These features may change in the final versions that’s released to the public. That’s all Google has revealed for now and you’ll have to wait a few more months for more details about the final update. Cover Image via AndroidPit