The popularity of certain social media platforms has brought about a surge in users and content – especially during the ongoing lockdown situation. This can eventually lead to you feeling the need for something special, more limited – one of the primary reasons people switched to the currently popular platforms when they came about initially. If you agree, then you’ll find our suggestions for alternative social media platforms highly useful. Here are some of the top picks:


With a primary focus on user-privacy, MeWe was founded in 2016 and promises to never serve ads, track users, or sell their data. Instead, MeWe’s monetisation comes from offering various services for a small fee, like extra cloud storage. It covers most features of popular platforms like chat, groups – if you’re willing to pay a small fee to unlock some of them.


Following a similar principle of no ads, Vero offers a sleek and simple interface as a social media platform. While a monthly subscription fee is planned, as of now Vero offers its platform for free to all users. Additionally, Vero offers a chronological feed, which is something that makes it easier to follow the content crated and shared on the platform.


After privacy and corporate censorship concerns on some major platforms, there has been a rise of decentralised social media platforms that puts the reigns in the users’ hands. Mastodon is one such service where you can join many of the popular public servers or, with the right knowledge, create your own.


If images and photography are what you use social media for, VSCO will not dissapoint. While at its core it is a mobile photo editing app, there’s a community aspect that allows you to share your pictures with other users. Monetisation is done via subscription which gives users access to additional filters and capabilities. You can follow hashtags, other users and even check out popular accounts and pictures in the Discover section.


Doubling up as a source for reusable images, 500px is also an image-based social media platform. Along with the social aspect, the app also offers various quests and challenges for you to complete. In addition to that, you can choose to submit your images to the platform’s licensing service. If licensed, you can earn up to 60% of the licensing fees. Image Courtesy: Canva, Google Images