While the oldies were more than gratified peddling on the good ol’ bicycles, the millennial wants more; much more than what those bicycles can give ‘em! While the gen next is more than happy frolicking around on these self-balancing, wizard-like scooters, we—the older folks—are more than happy to roll up and dole out a guide to investing in the right hoverboard. So, before you reach out for your moolah, make sure you know what is worthy of it!

Defining the Two-Wheel Phenomena

Now, we understand if you’ve been busy building your home under a monolithic rock and are not sure what these crazy self-balancing, two-wheel genius creations are. Let’s begin with a hello and introduce you to hoverboards, as they’re popularly known. In simpler words, these are Segways without the handlebars. The rider has to stand atop a hoverboard with legs apart—closer to the wheels; lean slightly forward to get it moving forward, tilt backwards to reverse or stop, and alternate your feet to swerve around. Some hoverboards are even blessed with GPS tracking and Bluetooth speakers. Now, you can be sure these aren’t gadgets that have fast-forwarded into the present from the future. Although going by the name, if you expect them to really hover or levitate; pal, it would be like expecting too much commitment from a casual fling! hoverboard1

There Are Rules to Stick to

Make sure you have inculcated the patience in yourself to wait for its batteries to charge well before you decide to take it outdoors for a spin. Also bear in mind its weight. If you’re one of those who, apart from being tempted to visit the washroom on it, would also like to flaunt it around town all day, you would want to make sure your model doesn’t weigh too much; there will be moments when you will have to walk around carrying the little boy in your arms. Also, if your day is going to be exceptionally long, you would have to tug along its charger too. Also Read: Hipster Gift Guide: 5 Gadgets for Your Hipster Pal

Where to Buy: Beware of Dupes

Hugely popular, they aren’t easy to find, but the task isn’t impossible either. If you do insist on investing in one, beware of dupes. While hoverboards do have their swag to go with; you can well get kicked in the derriere if the one you’re riding combusts, which is what happens with dupes. It is, thus, extremely crucial to shell out a little more and invest in a brand of hoverboard that assures you safety & quality.

Will You Break or Shake a Leg: Addressing the ‘S’ Word

In all honesty, the chances of breaking or shaking a leg with hoverboards weigh equally. Getting onto a hoverboard without being overcome with images of one’s broken nose is a tough prospect. However, a good amount of practice on no-traffic roads can have you swerve around like a pro in no time. It is also advisable to protect yourself with a helmet. hoverboards2

Is this a Great Present for the Underaged?

The millennials are so adept with technology; it might just sound believable to hear they popped into this world with a gadget in hand. Naturally, when they’re going to be on a hoverboard, they’ll ride it like pros; convincing almost every onlooker that they were born to so move. However, hovoerboards are ideal for ages 12 & above.

Riding to Your Heart’s Content, But Where?

Hoverboards are best ridden on smoother surfaces with minimal slopes. However, before investing in one, it is deemed wise to read up on the rules & regulations, & the law of the land. Same is the case for those intending to travel internationally with it; it will only add to your permissible travel weight.

Do I Really Need it?

Honestly, man walked his way through evolution without needing a hoverboard; having said that, it isn’t the bane of our existence either. At the end of the day, it boils down to being nothing greater than a toy to add an affirmative nod to your fun. It does make for an expensive and superfluous investment. If you do have that surplus itching your pocket and you don’t mind splurging a little, the hoverboard does make for a ‘fun’ investment. Cover Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com; Image Courtesy: Shutterstock.com