We're living in a wellness-crazy world. And just how have we discovered that? Well, it’s all in the ‘Pins’. As we've collectively taken a deep breath and entered the new year, Pinterest has revealed that people all around the world are more conscious about that breath now more than ever. Pinterest accumulated a list of the most pinned images, and data revealed that there are over two billion pins related to wellness alone, among which air purifying has been a top pick. Looks like the clean movement isn’t just limited to the food we eat, but also to the air we breathe. This discovery isn’t a total surprise though, what with the air we breathe getting worse and worse (remember that smog in Delhi last month?). The result is that we're now more prone to air-borne allergies. Hence the pins. Also Read: Air Purifiers in Times of Smog and Dust  
An air purifier works much like your own lungs. It sucks the air into the unit and passes it through filters that trap particulates of various sizes. Depending on the type of filters inside the air purifier you choose, you get several benefits including the removal of odour and germs, the oxidization of pollutants and the removal of at least 99.97% of all particles. You can read more about how these air cleaning units work and how to pick the right one for your home here. Air purifiers have proved to be good investments when it comes to one’s health. There are studies that back the fact that air filtration systems successfully reduce particulate matter and allergens. This results in a reduction of symptoms related to allergies and respiratory diseases and even in preventing the disease from progressing. Also Read: Do It Better Than A Celeb: In Ultra Violet Going by our current scenario, it seems like air pollution will continue to be a problem and air purifiers will continue to be a trend to combat it. So, equip your home with this air cleaning gadget to breathe better in 2018.

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