The drop in temperature that winter brings has become synonymous with the rise in air pollution. In many parts of the country, pollution levels have spiked to measurable limits and breathing outdoors has become hazardous. An air purifier has become an absolute necessity in places like these. However, that need is not restricted specifically to places where air pollution is conspicuous. Right now, you might be in an environment that is harming your respiratory system. Here's how you can tell if you need an air purifier.

Mould growth

If you spot mould growing under your appliances or in corners, it is a clear sign that your room needs an air purifier. Mould release spores into the air which can cause respiratory issues. Formation of mould means the air in your room is stale.

Allergic reactions

We often blame factors like seasonal changes for our recurring sickness. However, quite often it is due to common allergens like dirt and pollen. These get stuck in your room and cause a reaction, making you sick. An air purifier can get rid of these.

Bad odour

Stale air does not smell good. If the air in the room does not get proper circulation, any bad odour emanating from any part of the room will not escape. It will only get worse as more odours get added on top of it.

Dust accumulation

Dust can be easily spotted under direct sunlight. However, even if you spot dust accumulating on shelves, the air around you is polluted with dust. This invisible dust can't be spotted without assistance.

Harmful humidity

Humidity plays an important role in influencing other factors. For instance, mould is formed faster in rooms with higher humidity. Similarly, allergic reactions are increased in low humidity environments. This is due to the increased allergens in the room.

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