Air purifiers don't belong to a niche any longer. Due to the rising levels of pollution, using an air purifier today is as common as using a washing machine, especially in urban areas. In light of this growing demand for air purifiers, it is also important that we know how to make the most of having an air purifier in our homes. One of the most important things to know about an air purifier is how to place one. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Close to source

While most air purifiers today claim impressive capabilities when it comes to filtering out the air in your room. However, you should still place your purifier close to the source of contamination. This way its effectiveness will be maximised.

In a closed room

Just like an air conditioner, an air purifier works best in a sealed environment. A closed room is easier to clean. In an open room, irrespective of how well the purifier performs, pollutants are being added constantly from the external environment.

Keep it elevated

A modern air purifier can take care of a room even from the floor. However, placing it on a table or a raised platform will reduce its distance to the roof and improve circulation in the room.

Away from moisture

Moisture in the room can be harmful to your air purifier. When it enters the filtration system, it reduces filter durability. Eventually, your filters will give up sooner if your room is very humid.

Away from corners

Apart from purifying the air, air purifiers are also designed to circulate the clean air around the room. If the purifier is placed in a corner or beneath a covering surface, it cannot ensure proper circulation.

Beware of electronics

Some air purifiers come with charged media filters. You will need to check for interference from adjacent devices before placing it. Keep this in mind while choosing a location for the purifier.

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