Tackling air pollution is a pretty important issue today. At a personal level, just getting an air purifier and putting it in your room is good, but not enough. There are things you need to worry about like placement and the right filters. Once the air purifier is up and running, your job is not done. Especially due to the severe onslaught of air pollution, air purifiers today require regular maintenance and cleaning for long term performance. However, there’s a certain way you need to go about cleaning your air purifier or you’ll end up doing more harm than good. Here’s how you should do it:

Always unplug before maintenance

Trying to clean your air purifier while it is plugged in can not only damage it but can also cause serious injury to you.

Clean the pre-filters

Due to their purpose of stopping pet hair, larger dust, fibres etc, pre-filters often clog up faster and need regular cleaning. Some air purifiers come with washable pre-filters, where a damp cloth can also be used. Dust can also be cleared using a vacuum.

Remove cover

The next step usually involves the removal of a cover. User-friendly panels can be taken care of with your bare hands, but some might also require you to use a screwdriver. Refer to the manufacturer’s website on detailed instructions for the same.

Remove air filter

At this stage, you’ll be faced with more powerful filters, like HEPA filters and activated carbon filters. Some of them are replaceable, in which case, you should have a replacement handy. Some are non-replaceable and can be cleaned with a vacuum or a dry cloth. Do not wash these filters unless they’re explicitly marked as washable.

Discard old filter

For disposable air filters, please follow the proper guidelines for disposal. This is highly important as the filter might contain plastic, metal and glass components.

Install new filter

Most air filters are designed for unidirectional airflow. Look for marks, arrows or other indications that show you the orientation in which the filter needs to be installed. Always make sure that you have the right filters specific to the air purifier, as most manufacturers follow their own design and don’t make inter-usable filters. Also, ensure that you install the filters in the correct order.

Reinstall cover

You need to reattach the cover that was removed earlier. If screws are present, please ensure they are secured properly. Any gaps can introduce pollutants to your filters.

Power it up

Check for operation once everything is secured. Some machines can alert the user for improper filter installation. To check everything, refer to the device documentation and the manufacturer’s website.

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