Diet-friendly fried food—it's the dream of every health-conscious person. And this is the year that dream comes true, thanks to the popularity of air frying technology. The air fryer cooks your food to give it that same crispy golden texture, using very little oil or no oil at all. Also Read: Souping: The Biggest Wellness Trend for 2018 Decoded People have been experimenting with the air fryers for a while now but Pinterest just made it official that this will be the year that the air fryer becomes an essential kitchen appliance to have. They unveiled ‘Air Frying’ as one of the biggest wellness trend for 2018, based on popularity.
Philips HD962141 1425 W Air Fryer Black
Revolutionising our love for fried food, the gadget uses superheated air to cook chips, nuggets, pakoras and a whole bunch of snacky foods. Still curious about how this kitchen appliance makes the impossible, possible? Here’s everything you need to know about the working of an air fryer. You can get more creative with the air fryer and use it to cook foods beyond the usual chips and nuggets too. You can cook a steak, chicken drumsticks, eggs and cake! Here’s a recipe to bake a delicious cake in an air fryer. And that’s not all, if you continue to experiment, you can turn most of your fried foods into healthier versions with an air fryer. Also Read: You’re One Air Fryer Away from A Healthier Diwali So, get in on this trend already and upgrade yourself to a healthier 2018 with an air fryer. Also Read: Golden Globes 2018: We’re Lusting After These Jewels, And So Should You Cover Image Courtesy:

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