Oh Philips Air Fryer, is there nothing you can’t do? I’ve found some amazing recipes online that one can make with an air fryer. So you can cook healthy dishes and junk food as well with a lower calorie count. “Can it make a pizza?, a friend asked. “Yep”, I replied “A grilled sandwich?” I nodded. “Chocolate cake?!” “But of course! Trust me, this baby can handle pretty much everything”, I said, patting the air fryer. My precious. “Bet it can’t make a dragon meat burger”, piped a voice in the back, laced with much sarcasm. Settle down doubting Thomas, for I have all that it takes to make the perfect dragon burger. Thanks to a Scottish friend, I was able to procure some of the finest dragon meat the world has to offer. Relieve GoT fever with a burger that’ll earn you the wrath of Daenerys. All you need is…


A can of dragon meat One tomato One onion Half a head of lettuce One cheese slice (or more if you’re like me) A burger bun Mustard Ketchup


Combine all the ingredients in the air fryer and voila, a perfect dragon meat burger. A feast fit for the Gods, old and new. Also Read: 7 Appliances for the Ones Too Lazy to Cook Find more air fryers here.

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