When the heat waves come around every summer, many of us decide to invest in a powerful and efficient air conditioner for our homes. However, when winter knocks on our doors a few months later, the same air conditioner lies ignored in whichever corner it was placed. What most of us don’t realise is that our AC can also be helpful during the winter. If you’re wondering how then let us explain.

Can they heat?

What most of us don’t realise is that air conditioners are built to keep your room at a certain temperature, regardless of the outside conditions. For instance, if the mercury outside has hit 10-degree Celsius or lower, setting your AC to 20 degrees will keep your room warm. To be able to do this, it needs to have a heat pump that allows it to reverse the flow of the refrigerant.


Is it energy efficient?

Where an electric heater will generate about 1kW of heat for every 1kW of energy it uses, a contemporary AC will give you 3kW of heat for the same amount of energy in similar conditions. The amount of energy used shall also depend on how cold it is outside since the air conditioner will heat inwards from outside.


Which ACs should I pick?

Now, to be able to use an AC in the winter, you need to know whether it has a heat pump. Most leading brands today have models that are labelled as ‘Hot & Cold’ models, which means they can operate at extreme temperatures. Some of the best models have an operating range the goes as low as –10 degrees and as high as 50 degrees Celcius. Once you pick something capable, you don’t have to worry about your temperature indoor as the AC will take care of it around the year.


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