Pixar’s latest, Finding Dory, has been in the news for having one of the biggest box office openings of 2016. This heartening fact can only mean that grown ups too have been watching the film in big numbers, a fact that trade analysts and movie reviewers agree with. Of course, animated movies have evolved. They now tackle ‘grown up’ problems and existential issues, which is why we’re recommending this list of animated films that every adult must watch. #GuiltyPleasures  

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

01 spirit animated film

Featuring some unforgettable songs by never-aging rock star, Bryan Adams, and the voice of Matt Damon in the lead role, this story of Spirit, an independent-minded Kiger Mustang horse in the 19th Century Wild West. This DreamWorks Animation hit was released in 2002 and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.  

Big Hero 6

02 big hero 6 animated film

In this first-ever collab between Disney and Marvel, a reluctant hero named Hiro and an inflatable cuddly robot, Baymax, live in a hi-tech world called – wait for it – San Fransokyo. The film offers surprisingly human lessons on the bond between brothers. Unfortunately, this great film went largely unnoticed when it released in 2014.  

How To Train your Dragon

03 how to train your dragon animated film

A surprisingly rich effort from DreamWorks, this movie will change the way you look at dragons, much like the protagonist in the movie, Hiccup, does. As for the cuteness factor of the dragon, Toothless, you’d have to set a whole new barometer for that. The movie’s underlying theme, of learning to break with oppressive tradition and following one’s heart, is something everyone can relate to.   Like this article? Also read: A Handy Guide to Who’s Who in the Superhero Universe  

Kung Fu Panda

04 kung fu panda animated film

There’s barely anything left unsaid about everyone’s favourite panda, Po. But there are important lessons to be learnt from his will to persevere and learn from his contemporaries. If you haven’t already, then do watch this funny and insightful movie as soon as possible. #Skadoosh  

Toy Story series

05 toy story animated film

Toy Story really raised the bar for animated movies. These stories were nuanced and spoke to a whole new audience,” says film critic Reagan Gavin Rasquinha. We agree so much that we find it hard to pick just one movie from this incredible series that deals with the pains of growing-up in a way no live action movie ever has.  


06 ratatouille animated film

Who says a movie about fine dining has to feature human chefs? Definitely not Ratatouille. This charming movie portrays the adventures of a rat who dreams of being a great chef and how he achieves his dreams.  


07 wall e animated film

There are no dialogues in the first 15 minutes of this film, which goes on to tell us the story of a robot in a post-apocalyptic world. Yet, this movie touches us with its sincerity and leaves us thinking about the effects of a polluted earth better than most documentaries on global warming ever have.  

Inside Out

08 inside out animated film

Inside Out is one of the best animated movies that targets adults. The main characters are emotions that you feel only once you have crossed childhood,” Rasquinha says. Joy, Anger, Fear, Sadness and Disgust create such a memorable movie that you will feel nostalgic about your simple childhood when you didn’t have to deal with such complex emotions.  

Despicable Me

09 despicable me animated film

What a great character Gru is. A super-villain who cooks up great ideas with his trusted minions, and turns into a super-dad after he adopts three orphan girls, is exactly the sort of heart-warming story that every grown up should watch to remember that there is good within him if only he cares to look for it.  


10 up animated film

Up is a blend of everything you want in an animated movie. From showing you the pains of losing a loved one to going out there to achieve unfulfilled dreams and finding yourself in all the mess that occurs in between, this is one movie that should be recommended viewing for all adults.


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