We all heard of the toilet paper wars in Australia, and the shortage of essential items in supermarkets as a result of panic buying. But amidst the paranoia, stories of compassion are also coming to light. Hotels are opening their doors to healthcare workers and the homeless, corporations are generously donating to public welfare funds, restaurants have turned into community kitchens. On a much smaller (and sometimes missable) scale, individuals are getting groceries for their neighbours, feeding stray animals, and offering help to those who are facing financial problems. We bring to you such stories to keep your spirits up.

Indians Feed Migrants And Help The Elderly

A Facebook group, Caremongers India, has exploded with volunteers who want to carry out tasks for the elderly, families with an infant under one, and people with medical conditions. Started as an initiative by Bengaluru-based Mahita Nagaraj, it is now a network of 6,500 volunteers across India buying and delivering essentials. Individuals as well as communities have come together to help daily wage workers after their mass exodus. Transgender communities in Uttar Pradesh used their savings to feed migrants who were walking for hundreds of kilometres to get home.
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A Man Gives Away Toilet Paper & Sanitiser To Delivery Guys

We’ve seen videos of people fighting over toilet paper, but this video is an antidote for those. A man left packets of toilet paper and hand sanitisers on his door for delivery drivers. As seen in the video, a delivery man knocked on his door to ask if he could take one and he said that it’s for them. The good Samaritan shared that he had always bought supplies in bulk and had more than enough. It was his way of appreciating those who were working in this crisis. What a relief for the delivery person who couldn’t find these in Walmart! In another incident in Australia, a woman placed a basket outside her door with supplies such as toilet paper, tea, pasta and porridge for those in need. The note said, “Take what you need and leave what you can.” Soon enough, her neighbours chipped in with what they could spare.
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People Help Stray Animals Too

Animals aren’t ignored in crisis either. Animal rights activists in the country have formed WhatsApp groups to feed stray animals. In fact, the government has started issuing feeder passes to help citizens carry out the task. In Mumbai, Devraj, a resident of Lokhandwala, is feeding 100 dogs a day. 55-year-old Sanjiv Shankla is feeding dogs, cats, cows, bulls and pigs in Jaipur, with his team. They cover 45 points across the city, not just providing food and fodder, but also medicines for the animals.
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Local Communities Pay It Forward

There are hundreds of stories from different cities, different countries about neighbours helping out the elderly, giving away to those who need essentials and even paying grocery bills. In one instance in Norfolk, a paramedic who had gone to buy a few groceries was applauded by shoppers and one even paid his bill. Two female paramedics also received similar appreciation at a supermarket in Essex. A cop in Boston encountered a woman crying outside a store and bought groceries for her family. Another police officer went grocery shopping for an 87-year-old woman and her 60-year-old son when she found out they had run out of food at home.
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A Student Makes Face Masks For Deaf People

It didn’t strike most of us that masks - store bought and DIY - don’t cater to deaf people and those hard of hearing. These masks were making it impossible for them to lip read, so 21-year-old Ashley Lawrence decided to make masks with a plastic window on the mouth. She was giving these for free initially, but with the surge in demand, she has offered tutorials on how to make them at home.
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