If you like the ease of use of a tablet and the pro features of a laptop on a single device, consider your prayers answered. Especially if you love using Windows. Until now the choice was a meagre one if you hate Apple products and needed something classy when it comes to a multifunction device (tablet / laptop hybrid). If you ask me, the Surface Pro was the only thing that came to mind. However that is set to change. Because at IFA, this year Acer unveiled something that I really loved. Its called The Acer Switch Alpha 12 and it is kickass. Offered in three variants with the bottom the pile featuring an Intel Core i3 with 4GB RAM/128 GB SSD drive, the one sitting in the middle offering a Core i5 with 8GB RAM/256GB storage, and finally the top end version sporting the Intel Core i7 CPU. Now, what do you love or look for when you want to rock a tablet like device? It should be well spec’d, look classy enough, more importantly it should be light to be able to lug around and it shouldn't look ugly. Well this Acer product pretty much sorts you out on all of these parameters. acer To begin with, it looks rather stylish with a brushed aluminium body and that jaw dropping pull out stand, people will inquire if you say, work on it at a coffee shop. I love the fact that the display is adjustable and the keypad is light and can be remove if you dont feel like using it. Next comes the gorgeous QHD IPS 12in display that rocks 2160×1440 of lickworthy crispness, setting you up for a perfect evening with Planet Earth or other things to watch in Full HD and beyond. The resolution is lower than that of the 12.9in iPad Pro (2048 x 2732), but it in no way is worth complaining. When you watch HD content, the visuals are punchy and there is a ton of colour detail to enjoy. Love deep blacks? This screen has you sorted. Any visual experience is only half fun, if the sonics don’t compliment them proper. This is where the iPad Pro with its quad speakers blows competition out of the waters. But the stereo speakers on the Switch do not disappoint. They may not be the loudest but they are decent enough for an involving movie or gaming experience. Which we reckon you will be doing a lot. The reasons being that the this Acer has enough grunt to handle the latest games and HD content at ease. The combo of 8 gigs of RAM and the Intel Core i5 processor can handle things without breaking a sweat. What is even cooler is that while it is at it, it runs smooth as silk without a fuss or any noise. The latter is thanks to a fanless design while the CPU gets liquid cooled. acer switch alpha 12 Also Read: HP’s New Ultrabook, Spectre Has Us on Our Knees! The other good bit comes in the form of the Active Stylus which is a ball-point pen-sized stylus that is a manna from heaven if you are the arty kinds. The pen is super sensitive and to our bewilderment uses an AAAA battery. Deal with it. We tried it for a bit and turns out this thing is super accurate and fun to work with. If we had to complain about something with this product it would be its battery life which is lowly if you compare it with the Surface or the iPad Pro. While both of thee would chug along easily for over 9 hours, the Alpha loses steam in about six hours. All in all, we are mighty excited about the new Acer do it all product and look forward to give it the full beans via an extensive review. Cover Image via futurecdn.net; image via expertreviews.co.uk, trustedreviews.com