If you’ve never had an AC, you’re probably worried about the costs of getting one. On the other hand, if you have one, chances are that you’re always concerned about the effect it has on your electricity bill. Whichever, state you’re in, we can assure you that it is possible to have an air conditioner and be perfectly worry-free about using it when it comes to costs. Here are some tips to follow to save the most when picking and using an AC:

Go for a higher star rating

The BEE star rating is a sign of how energy efficient your air conditioner is. With each increment in the star rating, you can save up to ₹1000 in energy costs.

Go for inverter AC

Even a basic inverter AC can be up to 30-50% more energy efficient than a non-inverter AC of same tonnage and star rating.

Pick a model with a copper condenser

When the condenser in an air conditioner is made from copper, it is more energy-efficient due to the higher heat transfer coefficient of the material – which makes it easier for copper to release heat, in comparison with aluminium.

Keep your AC clean or go for self-cleaning models

Keeping all points of air intake and outlet clean is crucial for an air conditioner to perform at optimal efficiency. Pick a self-cleaning model to avoid moisture accumulation, in turn keeping your internal metal components working better.

Block out the sun

If your room is getting direct sunlight through a glass window, the effectiveness of its air conditioner is bound to drop. Draw the blinds for better cooling.

Pre-cool your house

Let out the hot air accumulated in your rooms before turning up the air conditioning. Not only does this give you faster cooling, but it also reduces your energy costs too because the AC must work harder to cool a hotter room.

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