Now that we’ve entered December and the temperature has begun to drop down, most of our air conditioners are going to go on a long sabbatical. If you live in a city where the winter temperature falls below 20 degrees during the day, chances are you won’t be needing the AC anytime soon. Just like you winterize your home and wardrobe so that you’re well-protected in the cold season to come, AC maintenance in these months are important too. After all, you still need it to be up and functioning when the heat strikes back again, don’t you! Here are a few things to do to winterize your air conditioner.
Clean the outdoor unit
Before you pack up the air conditioner for the next season, make sure you aren’t packing along any leaves, twig and clutter with it. Also, such debris can add moisture to it which in turn can lead to mould or freezing that can damage the system. Clean off the unit with water and dry it off thoroughly before you begin with the rest of the prep. Also Read: How to Buy an Air Conditioner
Check if it’s functioning right
Just because you’re packing it away doesn’t mean you can box up a cramped-up system. After you’ve cleaned it, switch it on and let it cool for a while. In the meantime, listen for odd noise, cooling power and other signs that will ensure your system is functioning well.
Get it serviced
An air conditioner requires to be serviced routinely, whether you use it or not. Some people prefer to service their AC before they winterize it and some after the season ends. Either way, make sure your system doesn’t go for all those months without any kind of service. Getting this process done beforehand ensures your AC is in good health to sustain the winter.
Prep it with protection
Once your outdoor unit it well cleaned and serviced, it’s time to bring in the covers. Wrapping up the outdoor unit will protect it from debris, ice, moisture and birds and animals that could inhabit it for safety against the cold weather. Use a vinyl cover or the ones that are specifically designed for air conditioners. Avoid plastic ones since they can cause moisture retention. Make sure these covers have a little ventilation too. Your main purpose here it to prevent debris from falling over the unit and entering it. Placing a large square of plywood on top of it can also sort you out if you’re looking for some basic protection. Installing foam pipe cover on exposed pope will keep it covered and insulated, protecting them from the freezing temperature. You can further wrap them with duct tape to keep the covers in place. Don’t forget to keep checking the covers every week or so to make sure they’re intact. Also Read: 5 Split Air-Conditioners Perfect for Every Budget!
Cut the power
Now that you’ve packed your air conditioner, it’s also wise to shut off the main power supply. Since all the exterior openings and pipes are closed off, turning it on accidentally could cause damage. Leave your air conditioner well-protected and cared for in this season and you can reap its benefits in the next season when the temperature gets hotter. Cover Image Courtesy: