My go-to outfit during the hot and humid weather has always been one that’s anti-fit. It’s why I love the shift dress; I find the style extremely easy to wear, and it’s comfortable enough to run around in, even on the busiest of days. It’s also very easy to style into a casual or formal look. Plus the fact that a shift dress flatters every type of figure (I can attest to this one personally!) is an added bonus. Also Read: How To Go Straight From Work to Dinner & Drinks There are three things I always keep in mind while styling an outfit that’s easy chic and summer-proof:

Focus on Creating a Look

Aanam C 2 I consciously think of a mood I want to portray by putting together separates and accessories. With this ‘blue look’, I’ve created what I describe as my ‘summer happy’ look. My AND shift dress, through simple, has a beautiful straight cut, which is enhanced with slightly dramatic sleeves that add a touch of playful feminity. Mixing the simple with the dramatic (sleeve) is also a big trend right now.

Wear Your Confidence on Your Sleeve

Aanam C 3 Is your outfit making you conscious? Or are you enjoying wearing it? It isn’t possible to look chic without feeling chic. Wear your clothes with confidence.

Pick Your Colours, and Fabrics, Wisely

Aanam C 1 The simplest way to create a summer vibe is through the colour of your dress. I also pay attention to the fabric of the clothes I wear. What’s the point of wearing a beautiful pastel dress that makes you sweat, right? The fabric of this AND dress is a cotton-blend, which means the fabric is sweat-friendly and will absorb perspiration without leaving stains. A bonus: because it’s a summer-friendly fabric, it’s also going to dry quicker, so washing and care is easy. One thing I have learnt through my personal style journey is that to create an ‘easy chic’ vibe, it's essential to understand what you enjoy wearing. For some, a pair of denims and a tank top is easy chic, and for others, a kaftan top with a pair of shorts could be it. Select outfits that match your personal sense of style, it’s the only way you’ll ever move forward in the beautiful world of self-styling. Aanam C is wearing an AND shift dress. Also Read: Have You Checked Out These Slim Phones Under Rs 30,000?

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