Gym-goers and fitness freaks have been worshipping various actors for years now because of the bodies they’ve built. But all these fans lost their mind when Aamir Khan recently revealed his body transformation for Dangal. Move over Bhai, hello Aamir! For an actor in his 50s to build such a body in a span of just six months seems incredible even as most of us struggle to finish a mere 10 push-ups. But Aamir’s trainer, Rakesh Udiyar, a bodybuilding expert and celebrity fitness trainer, assures us that it is absolutely possible even for the average Joe. “Aamir weighed 97kg after he had put on weight for the role,” said Rakesh, “and he lost 25kg as a result of the transformation. So that’s about 1.5kg a week. That’s not a difficult target to achieve even for a regular person with an average body.”  

The Workout Schedule

For his transformation, Rakesh put Aamir through a high-intensity training that included cardiovascular training and a bodybuilding technique known as ‘Time Under Tension’. “This works really well to gain muscle in a short period of time,” says Rakesh. “The person doing the exercise is made to do intense workouts using moderate weights. The weight and the exercise need to be challenging enough to cause muscle fatigue in the end.” Prior to beginning his workout schedule with Rakesh in Mumbai, Aamir stayed at a ranch in Arizona for a month and followed a rigorous diet with lots of climbing, trekking, mountain biking and swimming. In Mumbai, under Rakesh’s supervision, Aamir began with a 45 minute cardio session on an empty stomach early in the morning. “That varied each day,” says Rakesh, “One day he would work on a treadmill at home or play tennis or go swimming. It’s important to keep it varied so that boredom doesn’t set in. He would then come back later, around 11.30am, after two small meals and some morning chores for his weight training. Aamir followed it up with a light cardio routine in the evening.” Aamir Khan loves hip training, according to Rakesh. The bodybuilding expert also made him work out his legs and back a lot. “I made him do a lot of squats, deadlifts and heavy shoulder presses. This technique is called ‘Power Movement’. The legs would average about an hour-and-a-half. Smaller muscles can be worked out in under 45 minutes.”   In addition to the 45 minute cardio each morning, here’s an outline of Aaamir’s weight training schedule each week. Day 1 – Legs Day 2- Shoulders Day 3 – Back Day 4- Chest Day 5 – Small muscles (optional) One day’s break is required to rest the muscles and prevent its excessive wear and tear.   “This may be hard to believe, but I actually left out bicep’s training in Aamir’s schedule,” adds Rakesh. “He was doing such heavy weights on bench presses and deadlifts – about 290 to 375kg – that his biceps automatically got worked out in the process of lifting.”  

But I Have a Full-Time Job

This rigorous schedule is definitely hard to follow if you have to do this in addition to a day job, but Rakesh assures us it can definitely be achieved in a year as long the person remains dedicated to workouts and diets. Dieting, he says, is a big part of achieving this transformation. “Aamir had a target to achieve this in six months because of his filming schedule and he had two trainers (myself and Rahul Bhatt) as well as a dietician at his disposal. We can accomplish the same in a year by just doing a 45-minute empty stomach cardio in the morning before going to work and weight training in the evening after work. The cardio can be reduced if you have a job that requires you to be on the run all day. Everybody’s body requirements are different.”


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