We're patiently waiting for Aamir Khan's next film to release. And as we wait for Dangal to hit the big screen, the big question on everyone's lips is: what will he look like in this film? We've already seen him go from skinny to too-buff, bald and even sport a lion's mane. So what's left? If you love him - and his films - as much as we do, this quiz should be a breeze. And, we hope, it'll serve as a stopgap until his next, undoubtedly brilliant, film comes out. Can you guess the Aamir Khan movie, using just his hairstyle as a clue?

He plays the anti-hero here, and falls in love with a blind girl.

flipbutton 01 Fanaa front
01 Fanaa back part

He plays the spoiled son of a rich man in this iconic film.

flipbutton 02 Dil-C-Hai front
02 Dil-C-Hai back

He plays one of a group of young Indian men who decide to take on the system.

flipbutton 03 RDB front
03 RDB back

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He learnt how to play the Gentleman's Game in this movie.

flipbutton 04 Lagaa front
04 Lagaan back


He plays the title role in this biographical historical film.

flipbutton 05 Mangal-Pandey front
05 Mangal-Pandey back


He's an ET in this satirical blockbuster.

flipbutton 06 PK front
06 PK back

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