Sure, they made holiday movies before 1990 and after the millennium, but the '90s will always be the wonder decade that gave us those very merry Christmas classics. And what better time to re-watch these holiday specials than during Christmas weekend itself. If you’re away from the fam or don't want to go out, keep yourself busy this long weekend with this '90s Christmas movie marathon, starting with…

Home Alone

Well, you’re not the only one home alone for Christmas. So was Kevin McCallister and he sure had a heck of a time in Home Alone 1 and 2. This Christmas comedy of a kid who gets left behind when his family leaves for a holiday is a laughter riot, as this boy genius/little devil plots and schemes to scare away two con men trying to rob his home.

Miracle On 34th Street

What’s a Christmas movie without Santa Claus? But do you believe in this gift-bearing man from the North Pole? This movie of a six-year-old Susan Walker who was sceptical of his existence until she meets someone special will want to make you think twice. This movie is a holiday tearjerker with a little Christmas magic. Also Read: Ultimate Retro Christmas Songs To Play on Loop This Weekend

The Santa Clause

This one's a laugh riot or more like a Clause comedy, where Tim Allen accidentally takes the place of Santa on one Christmas night and then involuntarily has to fullfil this role in the years to come. This is a heart-warming and hilarious movie about a businessman turned Santa, who along the way also learns how to be a better father.

Jingle All The Way

He might be better known for a bunch of things but The Governator was at his best in Jingle All the Way, where he plays a workaholic who neglects his family and then then goes on a comical quest to find his son an action figure for Christmas, to redeem himself.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Let your house come alive with the sound of The Muppet Christmas Carol. This musical is a remake of the old-time classic A Christmas Carol, but it gets better because it’s re-enacted by all your favourite Muppets. Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas day watching The Great Gonzo, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Rizzo the Rat bring back this classic in a hilarious yet touching film! Also Read: Christmas for One: A Binge List of Stylish Movies to Watch

While You Were Sleeping

The holiday would be kind of incomplete without some family drama, so we added this complicated family story/love triangle to this list. Lucy, played by Sandra Bullock, is a lonely ticket attendant who saves her crush, Peter from being run over by a train on Christmas Day. When Peter’s family comes visiting they mistaken Lucy for his fiancée and thus starts the chaos. To make things works, Lucy is now beginning to fall for Peter’s brother and viola, you have the perfect Christmas drama. Which Christmas movies will you be watching this weekend?

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