Today is International Yoga Day. Yes, it's already been a year since that inaugural event, when our prime minister led hundreds and thousands of Indians through the Surya Namaskar (among 34 other poses) on Rajpath in New Delhi. So today, we celebrate one of India’s most famous exports to the world. Here's how we have decided to mark the day: With motivational/inspirational/scrollable insta pics of our favourite supermodels performing their favourite asanas. We hope Bar Refaeli and crew inspire you to make yoga an integral part of your lifestyle, because...  

It's the flavour of the day

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Leonardo DiCaprio is used to be a big fan

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It makes insta pics look cool


This Victoria's Secret model swears by it

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You can 'trust test' your partner


You too can live your Eat, Pray, Love moment

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You get to show off some kick ass moves


Did we mention, it makes every photo better?

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It's just SO 'Zen'


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