The moment you begin using iOS 10, change is recognizable right from the lock screen and it goes deeper into the things that you do to get your work done or keep yourself entertained. We have spent a massive amount of time using it on our iPhone 7 and here is what we think.
Sharing is caring
note Who doesn’t like jotting down notes as that singular great idea dawns upon you while you are down to business on the pot? Well now, using Notes you can share and discuss yours with a colleague, friend or just about anyone on your contact list. To do this, simply fire up the Notes app and you will notice the new share icon in the top right as you start writing. Now tap on it, and add the lucky person you need to share the note with. Simple. Enjoy while the note gets edited in real time and you can even send links inviting people to join a note via email, Twitter and more. Also Read: iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus First Impression
Stark Memories
memories One of the cooler features that has made its way to iOS 10 is Memories. It can magically stitch a video of a time and place, where you shot your best friend’s birthday, a drive out of city or anything at all. If you hate using third party video editing apps, this is the fastest way to output a neat little video.
iMessage with more power
imessage While we do agree, iMessages has been rather late to the party, its latest version brings in the much required oomph value and lets you do many things such send beating heart to your love, digitally drawn messages to your friends and you can even order food, indulge in shopping, or check out travel destinations as they all will be working hand in hand with iMessage.
A new Apple Music
apple music We loved the old iMusic layout, which is why at first look we absolutely hated what Apple did to its new Music app on iOS 10. However it does grow on you and eventually you will realize that the layout actually manages to cut down on a lot of time and have to reach your favorite music quicker. The app has been completely recarved from ground up and we now appreciate the neater design. Also Read: These 10 Comebacks Are All You Need to Shut iPhone 7 Haters
Hunt that Apple Watch down
iwatch You love Apple products and that is exactly why you splurged your rent money on the new iWatch running watchOS 3. The only sad part is that now you can’t seem to find it in your lavish apartment. Worry not, because iOS 10 lets its users find their Apple Watch via Find My iPhone app. You can even erase all the sensitive contents on your watch without breaking a sweat.
Unlimited Safari tabs
safari The online hog that you are with 40 meme windows open and what not, you will truly jump in joy when we tell you that for the very first time, you can now open unlimited number of Safari tabs on iOS 10 as compared to the 36 Safari tabs on the earlier version on the OS. Bleh iOS 9, Bleh.
Quickaccess Pro
quickaccess pro Let’s just get this straight and let the world know that you are a power user. But then even power users sometimes miss certain nifty details, simply because they are doing other awesome stuff. So the next time you need to get to your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings, you don’t need to do it the longer way. Instead just press down on the Settings app to bring up options for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, and Battery. Then remember to show off.
Download priorities
download Ah, it would be a crime if we hoped you aren’t the downloader type. Which means we will safely assume that you have a long list of things lined up for download. Well now you can choose which one to prioritise. To do this, simply press down on the app and tap Prioritize Download. Easy Peezy.
Sleep it out
clock If you haven’t already fallen in love with the blacker Clock app, you will soon enough. But it is the Bedtime tab that we want to talk about. Get your dirty mind out of the gutter, because this one monitors your sleep with a bit of help from the Health app. First you need to inform it about the hours you want to sleep and then the iPhone will inform you about bed time. Get that sleep cycle back in place, skip late night karaoke this weekend! Cover Image via; Images via,,,,,,,,