Given the fast lives that we live, it’s essential to have a machine that not only helps wash clothes quickly, but also dries them just as fast. Keeping that and more in mind, VoltasBeko – a partnership between the Indian cooling appliance brand and the leading international home appliances brand – has launched a series of washing machines that offer various smart washing options.

Top features include:

Air Therapy

Need to freshen up a garment, and don’t have the time to wash it? Some VoltasBeko washing machines come equipped with the Air Therapy feature that uses warm air to remove odors from clothes within 30 minutes.

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Wash & Wear

Another quick wash cycle, it allows you to clean and dry a kilo of clothes – about 5 shirts – in an hour, when the machine temperature is set to 30 °C.

Fast+ Washing

VoltasBeko washing machines with the Fast+ function speed up washing cycles by up to 55%, as compared to conventional washing cycles.

Monsoon Dry

A necessity for the humid months of July -September, this feature will use air power to dry clothes in under 30 minutes.


Clothes last longer when washed with care. Here the modified GentleWave drum, which is equipped with a unique paddle design, creates waves that washes clothes gently, but well.


This ultra-cleansing washing cycle allows you to select temperatures up to 90 °C. For example at 60°C, the a super rinsing cycle will remove pet allergens, mites and pollen, while a 20°C wash cycle will remove bacteria and fungi from your baby’s clothes.


Uses a combination of the rinsing cycles, special soaking phases, different water temperatures and increased tumbling, the StainExpert feature can remove even tough stains caused by masalas and oil.


The AutoDose programme, regulates the right quantity of detergent and softener required for different loads depending on the weight of the load.

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